Krystyn Lach-Szyrma
Letters, Literary and Political, on Poland;
Comprising Observations on Russia and Other Sclavonian Nations and Tribes.
Edinburgh 1823

  Letters, Literary and Political, on Poland  
Sclavonic Traditional Poetry. s. 1-27
Zaboy, Slawoy and Ludeck. s. 20-27
Zbichon. s. 56-59

Ukázka překladu - strana 20:

A Sclavonian Tale.

(Translated from the Bohemo-Sclavonic Dialect.)

    Amidst a dark wood appears a rock. On the rock, the valiant Zaboy.
He looks around on all the lands beneath. Looking, he sighs and weeps
with dove-like tender tears. Long does he sit there, and is deeply sad.
    Up at once he starts, and like a stag springs down the rock. He runs
through the wood, roaming over its long solitary wild. Then through all
the country he speeds from man to man; from warrior to warrior. Few words,
and secretly he speaks to each; and having bowed in acknowledgment to the
gods, he swiftly returns to his friends.
    Thus passed the first day, thus the second. On the third night, as
the moon arose, the warriors gothered to the dark wood. To greet them,
Zaboy descends into the glen,-the deepest glen of the thickest forest.
He took in his hand a sweet sounding lute, and thus sung:-
    "Ye warriors of kindred hearts and sparkling eyes! I sing to you
a sorrow-stirring song: it comes from my heart-from the bottom of my
heart, the abode of bitterness.
    ... ... ...

Knihu "Letters, Literary and Political..." vydal polský profesor Krystyn Lach-Szyrma (17.12.1790 - 21.4.1866), který po nezdařeném povstání opustil Polsko a usadil se v Edinburgu. Byl prvním překladatelem básně z Rukopisu královédvorského do angličtiny; jeho překlad Záboje poprvé otiskl Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine v září 1821. V knize je překlad Záboje mírně upraven; navíc je zde otištěn překlad Zbyhoně.

Letters, Literary and Political...
Edinburgh 1823. Autor Krystyn Lach-Szyrma. Printed by George Ramsay & Co. Printed for Archibald Constable & Co. Edinburgh; and Hurst, Robinson and Co. London.

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