Lyra Czecho-slovanská.
Bohemian Poems,
Ancient and Modern.
Translated by Albert Henry Wratislaw.

Motto:     Národy nehasnou, Dokud jazyk žije.     (Hanka)

Preface. VII-X
Contents. X-XIII
Introductory Essay. XV-XXXI
Historical Ballads.
Benes Hermanow.
(Overthrow of the Saxons.)
(Overthrow of the Tatars, A.D. 1241.)
Lyrical Poems.
The Cuckoo. 51
The Forsaken. 52
The Lark. 53

Ukázka strana 52:

        The Forsaken.

   A las! ye woods, ye gloomy woods!
      Ye woods of Miletin!
   In summer and winter too
      Why are ye ever green?

   Right glad were I did I not weep,
      And my poor heart torment,
   But, O good people, tell to me,
      Who would not thus lament?

   Where, where's my father, father dear?
      He in the grave is low;
   Where, where's my mother, mother good?
      O'er her the grass doth grow:
   Brothers and sisters none remain,
   My lover they away have ta'en.

Lyra Czecho-slovanská. Bohemian Poems, Ancient and Modern,
translated from the original slavonic, with an introductory essay, by A. H. Wratislaw, M. A., fellow and tutor of Christ's College, Cambridge. London M.DCCC.XLIX. John W. Parker, West Strand. Formát 15,5 x 10 cm. Počet stran XXXI+120.

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